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John Deere Hi Lift (Bagger) Mower Blades (42-inch cut)(Set of 2) - AM141034
John Deere Hi Lift (Bagger) Mower Blades (42-inch cut)(Set of 2) - AM141034
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John Deere Hi Lift (Bagger) Mower Blades (42-inch cut)(Set of 2) - AM141034

Item: AM141034 review (21 reviews) Write a Review
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Brand:  John Deere
Usually available

John Deere Hi Lift Mower Blades

Hi Lift  Mower Blades For John Deere Models Equipped With 42" Mower with bagger (2-piece set)  Includes replacement nuts
Fits models:
  • LA115
  • SST16
  • SST15
  • LT180
  • X300
  • X304
  • 102
  • 115
  • 125
  • 135
  • 105
  • Z225
  • Z235
  • LA100
  • LA110
  • LA120
  • X110
  • X120
  • X125
  • X145
  • LA105
  • LA125
  • LA135
  • D100
  • D105
  • D110
  • D120
  • D130
Replaces AM137329 & M154062
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Customer Reviews
Awesome! Works as advertised and delivered on time! Installation was a breeze!
Reviewed by: Garrett from Texas on 10/7/2014
D105 Hi Lift Blades
What a difference these blades made! I bought the bagger for my John Deere D105 and it kept getting clogged but with the hi lift blades it hardly ever gets clogged! You still have to be careful when cutting wet or really high grass but it has made a big difference and I love the new blades!!
Reviewed by: Kathy from Westminster, MD on 10/1/2014
Unbelievable Difference!
After 8 years of removing clogs I was finally frustrated to the point of selling the mower just to get something else that would suck up the grass without clogging. I could not believe John Deere would make something with such a terrible design. Out of desperation I just googled my clogging problem one day to see if anybody else was having this trouble. I was astonished to learn that the blades that came with the mower are designed to blow the grass down and not up into the chute. After reading about the bagger blades I decided to give them a try. LAWN MOWER NIRVANA! Could not believe the difference. Mowed the whole yard in 3rd gear with no problems and the grass just flew into the bags like it was on rails. I'm so happy I found these things and I only had to spend about $50 as opposed to $2000 for a new mower. If you are having this problem, BUY THESE BLADES!
Reviewed by: Jimmy from Lewisville NC on 5/12/2014
JD Hi Lift (Bagger) Mower Blades
Doesn't get any easier than identifying your mower model and then selecting your blades. Blades arrived sooner than I expected and I installed them in time to start attacking the falling leaves. Awesome fit and performance.
Reviewed by: Ed from West Norriton, PA on 12/26/2013
Must have for leaves
These things are great for leaves. I hated doing my leaves because of constant shoot clogs. I put a set of these things on and it was like night and day. It practically eliminated shoot clogs when bagging leaves.I can't believe I went three years before I discovered these things.
Reviewed by: Jhon from The Jersey Shore on 11/27/2013
Wish I had purchased them sooner!
I bought a new JohnDeere D110 riding lawn mower Spring 2012. The mover did not come with bags so I purchased them soon after. I noticed right away that the grass was NOT going into the bag with the first mowing. I was then told I should buy some uplift blades for it and that should fix the problem. It sure did!! I couldn't be happier. My husband installed them for me in about and 1 1/2 and they work GREAT!!
Reviewed by: Tonya Frehner from New Harmony on 5/17/2013
Works great
Tried the bagger with mulching blades and it clogged 4 times but with these blades had no problem. It picked up almost everything. The only downside is the far bag fills up and the other doesn't due to the blades shooting the clippings in the bag so fast. Its easy to push the extra clippings into the other bag.
Reviewed by: Bryan from Florida on 5/9/2013
High Lift Mower Blades - Highly Recommend - AWESOME!!
WOW!!! These blades really made all the difference in the world when using the bagger attachment with my LA-125 mower. I was so disappointed with using the bags because the bagging shoot would continually clog and I would have to stop and clean it out several times to even get the lawn done. Since putting on these new blades, I have really noticed the suction power it has now and picks up ALOT more than it ever did before. These blades are incredibly AWESOME and I wonder how I ever got by with the original blades. John Deere should put these high lift blades on every new unit sold. Definitely a huge improvement!
Reviewed by: Darren from Arizona on 4/30/2013
We have not tried this blade yet. We are currently using the mulching kit and love it. Son in law has used the Hi Lift blade and simply loves it.
Reviewed by: Barry Williams from Acushnet, MA on 10/22/2012
John Deer Hi Lift (Bagger) Mower Blades (42"cut) AM141034
I ordered these blades for my John Deere x304 mower......what a difference they have made. Great product, great price and from an excellent online dealer!
Reviewed by: Mike Allen from Leander, TX on 8/19/2012
Great blades do a good job in comparison to the original blades that came with the mower.
Reviewed by: Bob from Phoenix on 8/4/2012
JD LA 105
I purchased these blades as I was always having a problem with my bagger chute clogging and didnít know what to do. I must admit that I was a little skeptical on whether or not new blades would make a difference, but let me tell you that skepticism quickly faded when I started cutting the grass and realized the difference. THESE BLADES ARE MAGIC! No more chute clogging and I was able to cut my grass in a higher gear which was AWESOME just like these blades!!
Reviewed by: Paul from Norfolk, Va on 5/17/2012

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