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Model 48C Mower Deck - 48-inch

Fits John Deere Models X400 Series, X575, X585, X595 and X700 Series

2002 Model (SN M048CBD010001-020000)
2003 Model (SN M048CBD020001-025000)
2004 Model (SN M048CBD025001-030000)
2005 Model (SN M048CBD030001-040000)
2006 Model (SN M048CBD040001-050000)
2007 Model (SN M048CBD050001-060000)
2008 Model (SN M048CBD060001- 300000)
2012 Model (SN 1M048CBD++M300001–)

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John Deere Blade Drive Pulley - M131814
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John Deere Blade Spindle - AM127432
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John Deere Blade Washer - M147138
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John Deere Deck Drive Belt - M143888
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John Deere Deck Drive Belt - M163989
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John Deere Discharge Chute - TCA16388
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John Deere Draft Link Clevis - M112207
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John Deere Draft Link Spacer - M112208
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John Deere Flat Idler Pulley - AM106627
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John Deere Flat Idler Pulley - AM37249
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John Deere Gear Case - AM136330
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