48-inch Deck Gator Mulcher G6 Blade Set (3 Blades) - GBLADE29

Part Number: GBLADE29
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48-inch Deck Gator Mulcher G6 Blade Set (3 Blades) - GBLADE29
48-inch Deck Gator Mulcher G6 Blade Set (3 Blades) - GBLADE29
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48-inch Deck Gator Mulcher G6 Blade Set (3 Blades) - GBLADE29
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Brand Oregon


Kit contains the following Genuine Oregon Parts (part number, quantity):396-732,3 

Made In The USA

•Length: 16-5/8-inches

•Center: 13/16-inches

•G6 version of 96-732

Gator Mulching Blades that fit a John Deere 48" deck. Gator Blades feature teeth on the back side of the blade. These teeth do not cut the grass a second time, they redirect the airflow under the deck to bring the grass clippings back towards the center of the blade to be cut again. This results in shorter clippings and less windrowing (Piling up of grass) as it comes out of the deck.
Another nice feature about the Gator blades is they have less vacuum that regular mower blades. This will allow you to mow over some rocks and sticks without picking them up and launching them as far as the regular blades do. These blades do a nice job. This particular blade will fit a lot of 48" decks on a lot of various models.
Gator Mulcher® 3-in-1 Patented Design
Designed to boost performance and durability
Makes bagging easier, cuts finer mulch & aids in better discharge

Unique "Gator Teeth" Design
Redirects flow of air under the deck
Allowing grass clippings to be cut multiple times

G6 Design
Designed for commercial applications and punishing conditions
Greater width and thickness extends blade life and better lift

Fusion® Cutting Edge
Electrofusion process that welds tungsten carbide into the blade
Reduces sharpening and lengthens blade life

Superior Mulching
Cleaner, more efficient cutting performance
Can eliminate the need to bag, saving time and hassle

Superior Bagging & Side Discharge
Aggressive blade angle increases air flow

Replaces John Deere blades M114581, M115328 & M115495

This Blade Set Will Fit The Following Tractors with 48" Decks;
HD45, HD75 Commercial Walk Behind Mower
F620, F680 & F687 Z Trak NON 7 IRON DECK MODELS
Sabre 1948GV, 1948HV, 2148HV, 2048HV, 1848GV, 1848HV
Scotts S2348, S2048

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