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John Deere 15 Gallon Mounted Sprayer - Ztrak - LP53284
John Deere 15 Gallon Mounted Sprayer - Ztrak - LP53284

John Deere 15 Gallon Mounted Sprayer - Ztrak - LP53284

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John Deere 15 Gallon Mounted Sprayer - Ztrak

The 15 gallon Ztrak sprayer is compatible with all Z500 Ztrak models (2016+). It provides an excellent way to apply spray material including liquid fertilizer, weed killer, tree spray and de-icer. It comes complete with a 30" boom that sprays a 60" spray swath. It is equipped with a 19-foot hose and a spray wand for spot spraying lawns, shrubs, etc. The fully adjustable brass spray wand tip achieves streams up to 30 feet. It has a custom mounting bracket that utilizes the Ztrak bumper frame for a NO TOOLS mount.

Features include:
  • 100 psi Shurflo diaphragm-type pump is designed for high hour commercial applications. It can be run dry without damage
  • The brass tipped spray wand is included as standard equipment. It is constructed of non-corrosive polypropylene material with Viton components for multi-use applications
  • Check valves in boom tips prevent siphoning and dripping, which can cause lawn spotting
  • Control valve directs spray to either the boom or spray wand
  • Includes a recirculation kit
  • Convenient electrical hookup to built in switch on console
  • Rugged translucent yellow tank with molded fill level indicators (in gallons)
  • Compatible with Z500 series Ztrak Mowers with rear bumper kit (BG20913)
  • Includes 75-lb. Front Weight kit.

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