John Deere 40-inch Tractor Shovel - LP63767

Part Number: LP63767
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John Deere 40-inch Tractor Shovel - LP63767
John Deere 40-inch Tractor Shovel - LP63767
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John Deere 40-inch Tractor Shovel - LP63767
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Brand John Deere


John Deere 40-inch Tractor Shovel 

The 40-inch Tractor shovel is your Ultimate Work Companion.

The 40-inch Tractor Shovel has been updated to fit model year 2016 and later X300 and X500 tractors while also maintaining it's compatibility with the 2015 and earlier X300 and X500 tractors. Its Patent Pending lift mechanism utilizes a high power electric actuator which provides lift, lower, dump and down force. The Tractor Shovel takes the back breaking labor out of jobs like mulching, spreading gravel, ground grading and more! It is precision fit to the tractor's existing frame holes. After initial installation, it is a NO TOOLS mount.

Features include:
  • 1.7 cu. ft. capacity
  • 150-lbs load capacity
  • Down-force allows for ground engaging work
  • Blade access when shovel is in the up position, can be used to doze, scrape, or level material
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Convenient dash mounted control switch with clearly marked switch overlay
  • Can be removed in 10 minutes or less after initial installation
  • Shovel Depth: 11-inches, Lift Height: 4-inch to 6-inch (based on tractor model)


  • California use info:

    ⚠ Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Customer Reviews

Recommended. But Have Realistic Expectations on What It Can and Cannot Do
This shovel - LP63767 - replaces an earlier model - LP40000. This model’s cut-out handle causes minor material spillage. The manual has poor schematics and photographs. The older (LP40000) manual has better photos and schematics. Use both manuals. Contrary to the manual and marketing materials, the control for the shovel is NOT a rocker switch and bolt-on dash-panel. Instead, a toggle switch and instruction-sticker are provided. You must drill a hole in the dash or your mower to install the toggle switch. The instruction-sticker is barely informative, but you can learn to operate the shovel by trial and error – a combination of the toggle switch and manual control handle. This is not a ground-engaging shovel. This shovel will NOT turn your lawn tractor into a bulldozer or mini loader. No x-series lawn tractor (x300/x500/x700) is capable of earth-moving or heavy (>200 lbs.) lifting. You can use it to scoop up to 150 lbs. of loose material such as soil, compost, mulch, gravel, etc. The shovel only lifts material about 9-inches off the ground. So, you will NOT be using the shovel to load material into your JD poly cart. If that doesn't sound like a lot of capability for $1,000, keep in mind what a back-breaking, joint-wrecking job it is to shovel by hand. When I was in my 30's I remember using a hand-shovel to attack a pile of landscape gravel with gusto, only to spend weeks suffering from tendonitis. This shovel gets the job done faster and you trade dollars spent for greatly reduced wear and tear on your body. A wiring harness powers an electric linear actuator motor that lifts/lowers the shovel. A ratcheting sound is made if you try to raise or lower the bucket beyond its range of motion. This sound is both a warning AND built-in safeguard - like a clutch - to protect damage to the actuator's screw. Although you could use this shovel for snow removal, John Deere makes a snow blade and snow thrower that are far more suitable to that task. I had to purchase two 42 lb. weights and a bracket as a counterweight to the shovel and load. I was worried about all this weight, as my x354 has the ubiquitous and "low-end" K46 trans-axle transmission. When using the shovel, try to move the loads as low and slow as possible to minimize the wear and tear on your tractors trans-axle and frame. Perhaps 24-hours prior to using this shovel, you should refrain from watching any films in the "Fast & Furious" franchise. :-)
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Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 6/1/2021
Home owner
Easy assembly, great quality. I have been using it non-stop since it arrived. I have a large mound of dirt I was needing moved, it will take a while but I believe this shovel is up to the task. Within minutes I can take the bucket off and mow the yard. I highly recommend this product.
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Reviewed by:  from Sweetwater. on 4/21/2018
Easy first Installation on the X590 and exact what I needed for my tasks. Really helpfull moving dirt in my special case cleaning up and inspecting a gravel.
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Reviewed by:  from Germany. on 5/27/2018
Better than expected
First, my local dealer, very large with several sites, didn't have it in stock and wanted to charge me freight. GPS free shipping was very quick and dropped off at my garage. My local hardware store no longer has a loader to rent and i needed to spread some driveway gravel so I though I'd give this a shot, knowing this was trying to make a garden tractor (X500) do a big tractors work. Pleasantly surprised. As you can see by the picture it had no problem filling bucket fully. A little practice and I got pretty good at emptying while backing up. Brinley box blade makes a great counter weight and works well too! Weight, quality, and operation worthy of the JD License.
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Reviewed by:  from Valley Center. on 7/3/2019
Shovel review
I installed this shovel on my new John Deere X590. I am very impressed with how beefy it is. I was pleased to discovered that the shovel does not use the hydraulic lift of the tractor, but instead uses an electric motor. This allows the shovel to be used without requiring removal of the mower deck. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.
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Reviewed by:  from West Hartford, CT. on 4/5/2020
Tractor Shovel on JD X540
This is a fantastic add-on for a JD lawn tractor! I installed it on my X540 and have put it through it's paces spreading gravel and some light grading. The installation was straight forward. Green Parts Store was fantastic and had it shipped out immediately. This attachment is worth every penny for the amount of manual shoveling/raking it eliminates!
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Reviewed by:  from VA. on 1/18/2020
product shipping is fast, assembly is okay, wish there is a video showing how to assemble. Using the bucket is easy and working wells for me.
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Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin. on 4/15/2021

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