John Deere 90-Gallon Rate Control Gator Sprayer - LP68194

Part Number: LP68194
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John Deere 90-Gallon Rate Control Gator Sprayer - LP68194
John Deere 90-Gallon Rate Control Gator Sprayer - LP68194
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John Deere 90-Gallon Rate Control Gator Sprayer - LP68194
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John Deere 90-Gallon Rate Control Gator Sprayer

Precision Spraying Made Easy

The 90-gallon Rate Controlled Gator Sprayer is proof that the evolution of modern sprayers is correlated to progress in electronics and forward thinking. By utilizing Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology, like the systems found on large-scale ag sprayers, this sprayer provides many of the same features and benefits to operators with Full-Size Crossover XUV835 and XUV865 Gators. These benefits include greater productivity due to faster travel while spraying, easier adjustments through advanced controls using the 3.2-in. (8-cm) display, savings on chemical costs thanks to more consistent application rate, and lower risk of environmental contamination because of precision spray rate.

With this sprayer, operators will effortlessly maintain their application rate without the need to hold a constant ground speed. For example, if the operator slows down to maneuver around an obstacle, the solenoid valves on the sprayer tips compensate by decreasing the rate of material being applied. If the operator stops the vehicle, the solenoid valves shut the tips off completely and the spray returns to the tank through a return valve. This precise measuring of the Gator’s speed is done through a CAN Bridge (BUC10316), which provides instantaneous communication between the sprayer and the vehicle.

For simple operation, a 3.2-in. (8-cm) display mounts to the Gator’s dash. This display allows operators to easily select a spray mode (boom or wand), adjust the speed range, tip size, flow rate, and individually activate or deactivate tips for more application options. After setup, the minimum and maximum speed ranges are shown as a horizontal meter to help the operator avoid traveling too fast or too slow based on their set parameters.

Partnering with this new technology is a proven 5.3 GPM SHURflo® pump that provides up to 60 PSI. Material is applied as wide as a 12 ½ ft (3.8 m) swath with a durable, spring-loaded folding steel boom. Also included is a deluxe hand wand with a brass tip that provides both cone and stream spray patterns. Attached to this wand is 30 ft (9.1 m) of hose that is ideal for spot spraying weeds as far 35-ft (10.7 m) away and trees up to 30-ft (9.1-m) high.

Key Features
  • Rate control technology – allows operators to effortlessly hold their application rate without worrying about maintaining exact ground speed.
  • 3.2-in. (8.1-cm) display – provides operators with the ability to select a spray mode (boom or wand), adjustments to the speed range, tip size, flow rate, and individually activate or deactivate tips for greater application options.
  • Pressure control through return valve – helps maintain the droplet size defined by the spray tip, which is important as some materials require different droplet sizes.
  • Individual tip shutoff – provides greater options for different spraying applications.
  • SHURflo 5.3 GPM pump – is designed for high-hour commercial applications and provides up to 60 PSI on demand.
  • Spring-loaded, folding steel boom – applies up to 12 ½ ft (3.8 m) spray swath. FiveXRC Teejet nozzles are used to prevent dripping that can lead to spotting.
  • Adjustable hand wand – features a brass tip with a spray pattern that can be adjusted from cone to stream, perfect for spraying trees, weeds, and hard-to-reach places.
  • 90-gallon (341-Liter) Sprayer Assembly
  • 12.5 ft Boom and Support Components
  • 30 ft Deluxe Hand Wand
  • Controller and Mounting Plate
  • 3.2-in. (8.1-cm) Display
  • Display Mounting Bracket
  • Dash, Chassis, and Sprayer Harnesses
  • Hardware
  • Operator's Manual

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  • California use info:

    ⚠ Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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