John Deere Easy Change Conversion Kit - AUC12916-KIT

Part Number: AUC12916-KIT
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John Deere Easy Change Conversion Kit - AUC12916-KIT
John Deere Easy Change Conversion Kit - AUC12916-KIT
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John Deere Easy Change Conversion Kit - AUC12916-KIT
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Brand John Deere


John Deere Easy Change Conversion Kit 

If you don't like the idea of the Easy Change System then we can help. Order our oil filter conversion kit to switch your machine over to traditional oil and filter. This is a John Deere authorized conversion so it will not adversely effect you warranty.

Kit includes:
  • John Deere Oil Filter
  • (2) quarts of John Deere Oil
  • Oil Drain Assembly
  • Oil Filter Adapter (requires 12 MM allen wrench for installation)
  • Click her to preview Installation Instructions
Converts models E120, E130, E150, E160, E170 and E180


  • California use info:

    ⚠ Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Customer Reviews

Generator Tech
I'm not a fan of the lazy man's oil filter change without the oil change. The whole design is cringe worthy and looks like a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion. I was happy to see a conversion kit to the traditional spin-on oil filter with an oil drain pipe and 2 qts. of John Deere oil was available. The kit is half the price of one those terrible easy/quick change oil filters. The installation instructions are clear and thorough. I installed the kit after completing the break-in period of my E160 (about 7hrs). I highly recommend it. Do-it-yourselfers should be some what mechanically inclined to install this kit. It's quite easy.
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Reviewed by:  from Central Pa. on 6/7/2018
Like most frugal folks, spending 50 bucks to change the oil in a mower ain't going to happen. I purchased this adapter to get away from just that. The adapter looks fairly simple but it's not anything you would find at a parts or hardware store. Since the kit comes with two qts of oil, filter and adapter hardware I would say the price is reasonable especially since it pays for itself on the very first oil change. Thanks greenPARTstore!
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Reviewed by:  from Cairo, Ga. on 7/21/2018
Very complete and easily installed kit that allows a complete and proper oil change. By installing drain tube and draining another 1 to 1.2 guarts of oil in crankcase you actually do the job right. I spoke to John Deere about voiding warranty prior to purchasing this kit and got response that this kit will not invalidate factory warranty. May be an easier change with easy change, but still think it was terrible idea at John Deere level. Incidentally, close nipple for replacement at filter location had 12mm internal hex swaged internally for installation...nice touch.
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Reviewed by:  from Newberg. on 10/9/2018
What were they thinking
At first I thought this easy change system was the way to go. First oil change I was amazed, but $40 for the convenience ? I cut grass immediately after the 2 minute change. Next morning I went to finish but checked the oil. Barely on dipstick. I ran to Lowe's and got a quart of John Deere oil and asked the rep if this was normal. He more or less said it seems to be common. This bumps the oil change up to $46 a clip. Then he says in actuality the easy change unit only adds 1/2 quart !!! So $40 for a filter & 1/2 quart of oil. I have a waste oil furnace in my garage so I cut the old filter open. Hardly any oil in it. I want "most" of the oil out when I change it. That started my mission to find a way to convert the system. I found the 2 parts needed for around $19 but them stumbled across this site that offered a great deal including the oil and filter. What was John Deere thinking ? They don't expect not changing all the oil out for fresh to affect the longevity of the motor. Kit is simple to install. Hardest part was nipple for filter. I used a battery terminal expansion tool that fit inside the nipple. Took 2 minutes literally.
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Reviewed by:  from Markleysburg. on 10/22/2018
john deere oil conversion kit
The easy change might work for some but I feel like I am getting a complete oil change with the kit. The kit was a good price and quality.
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Reviewed by:  from fieldon Il.. on 6/23/2018
Cutting grass
This is a great product if you want to get away from a $45 plus oil filter that only changes .8 of a quart of oil out of 2 quarts,very simple to install and the 2 quarts of oil you get with this order is just right for changing all of the oil!!
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Reviewed by:  from Gaylord Michigan. on 9/2/2018
John Deere Easy Change Conversion Kit
This kit is just what I wanted.Price is very good,and its from John Deer.Was shipped very fast.
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Reviewed by:  from Metz. on 6/14/2018
Money Saver
Great Kit To Get.You Can Change All Oil Out Of Engine. Eliminates The New Oil Change System John Deere Has On Some Riding Mowers Which Cost $39.99 Without Tax For Filter Alone.Problem With New System Only Takes The Oil Trapped In Filter Out Of Engine When You Change It. Which Is About 1/2 Quart .Not Good In My Opinion.
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Reviewed by:  from Pa.. on 4/2/2019
Needs oil siphon tool to be complete.
First, let me say that customer support was 1st class, 5-star all the way. The folks showed patience and understanding with all my concerns and helped me work out questions. As for the product, I've yet to install it, but give it 3-stars right now because the instructions were so poor and a bit misleading. I thought the kit included the oil dipstick siphon tool, which it does not. You can easily save $$ by just ordering the the threaded nipple and oil drain tube separately, which is all you really need for the conversion. That's what I'd do if I'd known no siphon tool was included. Still not too bad of a price for the included filter and 2 qts Deere oil, so its all good.
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Reviewed by:  from Pickens. on 8/12/2018
Oil filter conversion kit
Received this order as promised. I have not converted my "30 second oil change" deal on my new JD, but this appears to be a great solution to my old school mentality concerning oil and air cooled engines. I'm glad these folks provide such good parts availability.
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Reviewed by:  from Sebring. on 10/23/2018
Oil filter conversion kit
I received the parts they look like the work but I haven't installed them yet because I'm waiting for the oil to get old so I can change it.
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Reviewed by:  from Broomfield. on 6/15/2018
Florida Cracker
Nice kit, received quickly. Have not installed yet, but will after a few more hours on the E120.
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Reviewed by:  from Winter Haven. on 6/28/2018

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