John Deere Hitachi Excavator Hydraulic Fluid - 2908-050

Part Number: 2908-050
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John Deere Hitachi Excavator Hydraulic Fluid - 2908-050
John Deere Hitachi Excavator Hydraulic Fluid - 2908-050
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John Deere Hitachi Excavator Hydraulic Fluid - 2908-050
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John Deere Hitachi Excavator Hydraulic Fluid

Through a marketing agreement with Hitachi Construction Equipment and Hitachi Mining Company to represent and support John Deere and Hitachi excavators marketed in the Americas, we have adopted a common hydraulic platform that includes the integration of this specialized hydraulic fluid. Super EX 46 HN are offered in viscosity grade, ISO 46.

John Deere excavators in the Americas share a common factory fill and recommended service fluid with Hitachi excavators and mining shovels manufactured worldwide. We offer this same exact factory-fill product as the aftermarket solution for excavators. This specialized fluid uses an alternate chemistryadditive approach to provide excellent performance and protection in these hydraulic systems.

Super EX 46 HN is manufactured to exacting engineering specifications and are available through John Deere and Hitachi equipment dealers in North and South America. This products is formulated with high-quality base oils and specialized non-zinc-additive technology to deliver a very stable excavator hydraulic oil.

Warning: These products should not be mixed with other lubricants or put into systems that use zinc-type-additive oils. These products are not for applications calling for Hy-Gard, JDM J20C, or JDM J20D. They are not for use in mechanical transmissions, axles, or multifunction systems featuring gears, clutches, or wet brakes.

These products are engineered and produced to meet the specific requirements of excavator hydraulic systems.

  • A non-sludge-type, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, long-life hydraulic fluid prepared with a combination of a non-zinc, ashless extreme-pressure additive and a variety of antioxidants 
  • 46HN matches the hydraulic factory-fill product for all metric excavator models, both John Deere and Hitachi.
  • Stable formulation for maximum service intervals.
  • Superior low-temperature performance.
  • Quality base oil resists oxidation.
  • Viscosity stable across full operating temperature range.
  • Protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Predictable hydraulic-system performance.


  • California use info:

    ⚠ Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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