John Deere Sprayer Wiring Kit - Full Size Gators - LP68195

Part Number: LP68195
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John Deere Sprayer Wiring Kit - Full Size Gators - LP68195
John Deere Sprayer Wiring Kit - Full Size Gators - LP68195
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John Deere Sprayer Wiring Kit - Full Size Gators - LP68195
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John Deere Sprayer Wiring Kit - Full Size Gators

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This Sprayer Wiring Kit provides plug-and-go functionality for customers with Full-Size Crossover Gator UTVs with Deluxe cargo boxes and compatible Gator sprayers. Instead of connecting a sprayer's wiring directly to the battery, this kit utilizes the vehicle's pre-installed wiring for a cleaner initial installation and simplified routine attachment afterwards.

Included with each kit are four harnesses. Two (the Upper and Lower Harnesses) are for the on/off rocker switch, which can be installed in one of the blank switch plates on the vehicle's dash. The Chassis Harness runs along the rear of the chassis, extending power and data ports to the back corner of the vehicle. Lastly, the Sprayer Harness connects to the Chassis Harness and runs to the sprayer pump, providing a clean and tidy wiring solution.

Key Features
  • Plug-and-go compatibility - by utilizing the vehicle's pre-installed wiring instead of connecting directly to the battery
  • Convenient dash-mounted switch - puts on and off control of a sprayer within short reach
  • Upper Dash Harness
  • Lower Dash Harness
  • Rocker Switch (On/Off)
  • Rocker Switch Sticker
  • Chassis Harness
  • Sprayer Harness
  • Hardware (includes zip ties and wire harness clips)
  • Installation Instructions
Required John Deere Parts
  • E-Spec Full-Size Gators (XUV835E & XUV865E) - Dash Port Attachment Harness (BM26268) and E-Spec Attachment Harness (BM26266)
  • M-Spec Full-Size Gators (XUV835M & XUV865M) - Dash Port Attachment Harness (BM26268)
  • R-Spec Full-Size Gators (XUV835R & XUV865R) - Dash Port Attachment Harness (BM26268)
Compatible Gators
  • XUV835E, XUV835M, XUV835R
  • XUV865E, XUV865M, XUV865R
Compatible Sprayers:
  • 25-gal. Gator Sprayer (LP33597)
  • 45-gal. Gator Sprayer (LP20852)
  • 45-gal. Deluxe Gator Sprayer (LP22908)
  • 90-gal. Deluxe Gator Sprayer (LP48006)
  • 90-gal. Dual Tank Gator Sprayer (LP20853)
  • 90-gal. Deluxe Dual Tank Gator Sprayer (LP22909)


  • California use info:

    ⚠ Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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