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TerraGrip 20x9-8 Rubber Traction Belts - ST90002
TerraGrip 20x9-8 Rubber Traction Belts - ST90002

TerraGrip 20x9-8 Rubber Traction Belts - ST90002

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TerraGrip 20x9-8 Rubber Traction Belts

TerraGrips offer:
  • Improved traction on all surfaces especially in loose material such as snow, mud and dirt.
  • Plated steel components resist rust
  • Rubber slats surround the tire ensuring secure installation
  • Easy no tools installation
  • Includes 2 assemblies

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Customer Reviews
1 Stars
Dissatisfied owner
I bought a set for my Deere lawn tractor with a snowblower attachment in November 2013. The design is fundamentally flawed. It is not possible to tighten the chains enough. You have to hook a lever through a link, then twist it back and latch it. But when that is not tight enough, the next link requires over an inch more slack, which means you cannot hook the lever through it and latch it. The company did swap them out when I complained in May 2014. The replacements are just as bad. The new set appears identical and still cannot be tightened. The company tries to blame the customer, saying you should deflate the tire before installing the grips. I did. On lawn tractor tires, the size does not change when deflated. These grips might work if they could be really tightened, but that is not possible with the current design. Don't take my word for it, look at their Installation Video once they actually start driving the tractor, around 3 min 30 sec into the video. Slow-motion through that section and look at the uneven gaps between the rubber sections. These TerraGrips are useless on ice. They don't help much in powder snow, but on ice, they have no traction. Because they are not tight, they move around and leave big gaps and small gaps between the treads. Read the reviews on other sites, they confirm that these grips do not give any traction on ice. If you have wet snow, it turns to ice under the wheels. They are bad on flat ground, hopeless on gentle slopes. Last winter I spent a half hour getting the tractor unstuck after it slid back down my driveway. The wheels just spun, and when the tractor did move, it slid further into the snowbank. What saved me was putting kitty litter under the wheels to get enough traction to get out of the bad spot. In other words, TerraGrips are worth less than used kitty litter. The grips will be going, and I will put the chains back on. I would give a zero star rating if that were possible. I have reviewed these items before but Green parts Store refuses to post honest reviews of products which do not work as claimed.
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Reviewed by:  from Golden, Colorado. on 12/11/2016
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