Baumalight 3 Point Hitch Tree and Brush Saw With 30 Inch Cutting Disc - DPH530

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Baumalight 3 Point Hitch Tree and Brush Saw With 30 Inch Cutting Disc - DPH530
Baumalight 3 Point Hitch Tree and Brush Saw With 30 Inch Cutting Disc - DPH530
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Baumalight 3 Point Hitch Tree and Brush Saw With 30 Inch Cutting Disc - DPH530
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3-Point Hitch Tree Saw with 30” Cutting disc

The DPH530 tractor mounted tree saw is a small unit useful to develop farmland, clean up fence lines, woodlot and pasture cleanup solutions. This power take off tree saw features a 30” cutting disc that can take up to 9.5” trees with rotatable high speed teeth.


·         Max 10 Ft Tree Height

o   Using a Baumalight Tractor Tree Saw to cut trees higher than 10 feet could result in injury. For the safety of the operator, Baumalight recommends a maximum tree height of 10 feet.

·         Heavy Duty Build

o   The DPH530’s durable design and quality materials combine to create a saw that is able to stand up to the demanding work of cutting limbs and trees.

·         Quick Hitch Compatible

o   The DPH530 is CAT 1 Quick Hitch compatible, allowing you to easily connect to your compact tractor.

·         Heavy Duty Gearbox

o   The DPH530 comes with a heavy duty gearbox for high performance, better cutting power and long life.

·         Blade Bolts Direct To Gearbox

o   For better performance and power, the blade bolts directly to the gearbox.

·         Slip Clutch

o   To protect the gearbox and drive system, the slip clutch automatically disengaging the clutch at a predetermined torque.

·         Integrated Push Bar

o   The large push bar is angled to help guide any falling debris away from the operator.

·         Replaceable High Speed Teeth

o   The concave shaped carbide tip of our High Speed Teeth provide aggressive cutting action by chipping the tree bit by bit. This round tooth is 3 teeth in 1. Simply loosen the lock nut and rotate the tooth to a fresh, sharp cutting edge. This can be done three times, extending the life of each tooth.

·         Easy Teeth Changing

o   The high speed teeth design allows for easy rotation and changing of the teeth as needed.

·         6 Free Teeth

o   All DPH530 Tree saw comes with a free set of 6 replacement teeth. These replacement teeth are conveniently shipped in the owner’s manual tub bolted to the frame.

·         Clean Cuts

o   Baumalight Tree Saws makes clean work of limbing and trimming trees safely and quickly, leaving pruned trees with a clean cut.

·         30 Inch Diameter Blade (10 Inch Cut)

o   With a 30” diameter cutting blade, the DPH530 is capable of cutting full trees up to 10”.

·         ½ Inch Thick AR400 Steel Blade (3/4 Inch Cut)

o   The ¾” thick heavy duty circular blade is designed and shaped from AR400 steel. This abrasion resistant steel is rugged and ready for the abuse of a long service life.

·         Close To The Ground Cut

o   The design of the DPH530 tractor mounted tree saw allows for a clean cut that is very close to ground level.

·         Protective Powder Coat

o   Our powder coat finish is much tougher than conventional paint to stand up to the rigors of mulching and helps prevent rusting.

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