Dual CabCam Camera Observation System - CABCAMDUAL

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Dual CabCam Camera Observation System - CABCAMDUAL
Dual CabCam Camera Observation System - CABCAMDUAL
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Dual CabCam Camera Observation System - CABCAMDUAL
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Kit contains the following Genuine John Deere Parts (part number, quantity): A-CTB9M1C,1 A-VS1C110,1 A-PVC65,1

This Dual Cabcam Camera Kit includes an extra Camera and an extra 65' Cable!!!
When you need extra visibility around the farm or out in the field, a versatile camera observation system can give you the edge you need. A&I Products CabCam can be the extra “eyes” required to fill that need at an affordable price.

With its three-camera capability, CabCam has unlimited application possibilities. Eliminate blind spots and improve day and night visibility on semi-trailers, garbage crushers, dump trucks, beet harvesters, pickups with trailers, industrial and construction equipment, mobile homes, and campers. CabCam can be used to monitor cattle and hog lots or conveyer systems.

CabCam’s rugged construction makes it perfect for agricultural applications as it is designed specifically to withstand rough and dusty conditions. In agricultural applications, CabCam allows users to watch critical areas of machinery or implements that were nearly impossible to monitor in the past. CabCam can eliminate neck and back fatigue by significantly reducing the need to turn around to check equipment. CabCam’s twenty-eight infrared illuminator camera provides excellent night-vision. This durable, wide angle, easy-to-mount camera system allows users to work more efficiently, day or night and comes complete with a one-year warranty.

A-CTB9M1C CabCam Observation System

Two-1/3” CCD Weatherproof Color Camera:
CCD color with audio, 28 infrared illuminators allow up to 32 feet of night visibility, image mirroring function, made to withstand off-road conditions. (Shown on reverse.)
7” Color TFT LCD Monitor:
Embedded control box for direct power input for cameras, AV1 AV2 and AV3 video inputs to hook up to three cameras, color LCD screen, power indicator, remote receiving window, POWER button, MENU button, brightness buttons, channel selection, AV1/AV2/AV3 SHIFT button, DVD input, earphone jack, loudspeaker, support attaching slot, power supply terminal, automatic back-light switch, manual mirroring switch for all cameras. (Shown on reverse.)

Accessories: AV conversion cable , ball swivel mounting bracket with adjustable mounting pad (B), stationary mounting bracket , power supply cable , remote control , earphones , back shield , cigarette-lighter power adapter , sun shield , AC power adapter, Two-65’  and 20’ weatherproof extension cables. NOTE: System can support up to three cameras.

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