John Deere Ballast Box - BXX10684

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John Deere Ballast Box - BXX10684
John Deere Ballast Box - BXX10684
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John Deere Ballast Box - BXX10684,BW15073
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John Deere Ballast Box

Proper ballasting of the tractor is very important when operation a loader. Benefit of proper ballasting include: durability of the front axle with proper loading, productive use of the tractor’s available power for tractive effort and stability during loading operations.

Proper ballast maximizes a tractor’s overall stability and productivity by keeping all four wheels on the ground. For instance, when doing loader work, rear ballast provides a counterweight for material in the loader bucket. This counterweight keeps the most powerful part of the tractor’s drive system, the rear wheels, planted firmly to the ground.

In addition to improving the tractor’s performance, proper rear ballast will also maximize the life of the front wheel drive axle, as well as other drivetrain components. For tractors equipped with loaders, signs of improper rear ballast may include premature tread wear on the rear tires, leaking front axle or pinion seals, and premature failure of drive line and front axle components. As a rule of thumb, the following should be maintained: A 60/40 rear/front weight ratio for ground engaging work and a 50/50 weight ratio for loader work.

BW15074 (9-in.) -high extension can be added to ballast box for even greater capacity.

The hitch utilizes a standard Category 1 configuration for connection to the tractor Category 1 hitch.

A bushing kit LP19969 or LP25004 is required for the ballast box to be used with the iMatch™ Quick-Hitch.


  • California use info:

    ⚠ Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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