John Deere Self-Sharpening Mower Blade for 72-inch Deck - UC15157

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John Deere Self-Sharpening Mower Blade for 72-inch Deck - UC15157
John Deere Self-Sharpening Mower Blade for 72-inch Deck - UC15157
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John Deere Self-Sharpening Mower Blade for 72-inch Deck - UC15157
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John Deere Self-Sharpening Mower Blade for 72 Decks

Get the "Edge" from AHW

The John Deere self-sharpening blade is a patented technology that applies a layer of extremely hard material on the bottom side cutting edge of the mower blade (highlighted in the below photo). Mower blades have a significant impact on the cut quality and are a component that requires regular maintenance to keep the blades sharp. The amount of time that is required to remove, sharpen, and reinstall is a pain point for your customers. This constant sharpening of blades can also result in shortened part life when sharpened by hand due to the inherent inaccuracy in how much material is removed during each sharpening. This solution addresses the customer pain point by reducing the need to sharpen blades saving time/labor and reduces the human aspect of blade sharpening extending the life of the blade.

The layer of hard material wears at a slower rate than the standard steel mower blade. By creating a different wear pattern, the hard material is exposed continuously creating a sharp edge. As the mower blade is used, the base steel of the mower blade continues to wear faster than the added material which provides a continuous edge that essentially self sharpens itself. These blades work best in abrasive conditions like sandy areas.

There are several benefits for the customer using these John Deere self-sharpening blades.
  • Reduces the time needed for maintenance of a mower blade by only requiring the mower blade to be removed when it is needing to be replaced
  • Helps to ensure the full life of the blade by preventing excess material from being removed unnecessarily during sharpening or removing the temper from the blade resulting in weaker metal and quicker wear
  • Helps to prevent damage to other components during maintenance (such as striping the spindle threads)
  • Improve overall health of grass by constantly having a sharp blade
The John Deere self-sharpening blades are not to be used in abusive conditions with non-turf objects such as rocks, litter, roots, stumps, or other debris. These conditions can typically be found when mowing roadsides, unmaintained fields or even some parks. You can tell if a blade is used in abusive conditions if there are big indentations in the blade or if it is bent. Qualify your customers by asking the right questions for example what their mowing conditions are, where are they mowing and do their blades have big indentations.


  • California use info:

    ⚠ Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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